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Elevate Wellness & Psychiatry offers outpatient psychiatric services in South Dakota.
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About Us

Individualized Treatment

At Elevate Wellness & Psychiatry, we approach mental health treatment with a holistic approach. We utilize a combination of medications, supplements, psychotherapy, and lifestyle modifications to improve mental health. We provide an individualized treatment plan and offer referrals to work with therapists, dietitians, health coaches,
as well as other wellness professionals.
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Cassi Heuer

Cassandra (Cassi) Heuer is a board-certified Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner practicing in Pierre, SD. She is the founder of Elevate Wellness & Psychiatry. Cassi obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from South Dakota State University, her Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from the University of South Dakota, and her Master of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Cassi grew up in central South Dakota and has practiced in South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa during her career. She was able to work with a psychiatrist for three years during her training and is grateful for this opportunity to learn from a provider with vast experience in mental health. She has completed training for adult psychiatry, child/adolescent psychiatry, and geriatric psychiatry in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. She has had the opportunity to work in a variety of groups homes as well as long-term care facilities.


Services provided

Conditions we treat

Conditions we treat


Kind words from other clinicians

John Samuels, MPH
"Drs. Muir and MacMillan have been colleagues for several years. Both are extremely responsive and accessible to their patients and wonderful colleagues to work with. They work in conjunction with the medical team and work hard to go "above and beyond" to tirelessly support their patients. They are well trained and experienced in many modalities of mental health and use cutting edge treatment to support their patients."
John Samuels, MPH,
Founder and CEO of Better Health Advisors
Kari Groff, MD
"For the highest level of expertise in TMS, New York City clinicians look to the guidance of Dr. MacMillan and Dr. Muir for their leadership in this innovative and important FDA-approved treatment. It is an excellent treatment option for those who need rapid, effective results without the ongoing use of medication. The duo has been instrumental in helping patients gain access to an extremely effective treatment for depression and OCD, and it's clinical indications continue to expand."
Kari Groff, MD,
Private Practice Psychiatrist in NYC
David Carreon MD
"Owen is one of the smartest and most innovative doctors in practice today. His understanding of mental health challenges and how to care for them exceeds every other psychiatrist I know in private practice."
David Carreon, MD,
Medical Director of Acacia Mental Health 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all sessions in-person or is telehealth available?

Telehealth is available, but you must check with your insurance to make sure there are no restrictions. There are clinical circumstances where an in-person appointment is preferred and we work with patients and families around these decisions. Please note that we are only able to conduct telehealth sessions in states where we are licensed.

How does communication work in between sessions?

At Elevate Wellness & Psychiatry, we recognize that most of life happens outside sessions and so are able to communicate via secure messaging or phone calls regarding urgent and logistical matters. We also recognize that accessing emergency services and psychiatric hospitalizations, while life-saving in some circumstances, can be life-destroying when turned to in a reflexive, knee-jerk fashion. That is why we prioritize being available when crises arise to work collaboratively around getting the help that is actually helpful.

Can I use my Insurance at Elevate Wellness & Psychiatry?

At this time, we accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Avera Health Plans, Sanford Health, and Dakotacare. If your insurance is not listed, we hope to in the future to be able to work in a more aligned way with all stakeholders. Meanwhile, we do provide “superbills” for out-of-network reimbursement for covered services if your plan has this benefit (e.g. a PPO plan) and are happy to provide guidance regarding plan selection. Our technology partner, Osmind, can also submit these superbills to insurance companies on your behalf if your prefer.

What forms of payment does the practice accept?

We accept all major credit cards, HSA/FSA cards, checks, cash, and wire transfers/ACH payments.

What can I expect at my first appointment?

The first appointment consists of a comprehensive history of medical and psychiatric history. A treatment plan will be established and may include medication or therapy recommendations. A follow-up appointment is usually scheduled within two to four weeks to assess the progress of the treatment plan.